Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

At Lévesque Marchand Welch, we are proud of our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Program, which is guided by an advisory board of staff and partners.

We are dedicated to taking concrete steps to better everyone’s work life and career aspirations at Lévesque Marchand Welch.

When we make equity, diversity and inclusion a priority in our workplace, we support our vision by fostering:

  • An inclusive environment where our people feel valued (CARE)
  • A positive difference for our people, clients, and communities (IMPACT)
  • Collaboration that develops passionate people from different backgrounds to deliver creative solutions (EMPOWER)

The goals of this program are to ensure we have an inclusive space throughout the firm at all levels, and that our commitment to inclusiveness is reflected in our partnership group. Lévesque Marchand Welch has embraced this journey, knowing it will take time and dedication to achieve.

Welch’s equity, diversity and inclusion promise

The importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in our hiring and day-to-day business practice is a priority. What does EDI mean to us at Lévesque Marchand Welch?

What is equity?  Equity is distinct from equality. While equality means giving everyone the same resources and treatment – no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, or other characteristic – equity goes a step further.  Equity is about giving individuals the same access to opportunities, regardless of the resources required in each instance. Equity levels the playing field by giving more to those who need it.

What is diversity?  This is the practice or quality of recognizing people’s differences, and respecting and including those who do not share the same characteristics, values, ideas and opinions as us.   

What is inclusion?  Inclusion is about fostering an environment where all individuals feel welcomed and appreciated, and where their contributions and perspectives are valued.

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